Reunite with old writing


This is the perfect time of year to revisit and reacquaint yourself with half-baked ideas, undeveloped scenes and unstoried characters you filed away—and nearly forgot.

Do you have a file like that? I usually keep a hard copy of all my manuscripts tucked in file folders in plastic bins. Character descriptions and random scenes are handwritten in notebooks.

I could look at my pile of scripts and notes and see nothing more than failed attempts at plot, writer’s block folly or cringe-worthy rejects. Instead, I imagine it as a treasure trove of second chances—or third …

Time away from something can sometimes give a new perspective. A character might finally spring to life in a new story. A rejected article might be a few tweaks away from acceptance.

Time to dig. Time to make something old new again.


2 thoughts on “Reunite with old writing”

  1. I love having my old material saved, and I’ve reused it so many times. A scene here, a passage there, a particularly excellent description…it really can be treasure, rather than junk.

    Thanks for sharing!


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