Reading and writing have always been my favorite things to do. As an assistant editor for a monthly magazine, and then as a copy editor for weekly newspapers, editing also became a passion.

With red pen in hand, I sometimes peruse newspapers and books, hoping to nab the one that got away. And don’t get me started on “the pesky bugs” swarming blogs and websites. I wish I could pluck them right off the screen.

Most of my professional career involved reporting, writing, and editing in newsrooms, first in radio and then in print. Fiction writing tugged at my heart when I had kids. After hours spent nestling with my children with our noses in a book, stories of my own swirled inside my head. I have written children’s fiction for magazines and ezines. I also have fingers crossed, prayers sent, and rain dances performed for my picture book and middle grade submissions.

Of all the people I enjoy working with, writers are at the top of the list. Because I’m a writer, I appreciate and respect the creative process and toil behind your storytelling. I know what it’s like to ponder a single word for what seems like an inordinate amount of time, and to hear characters whispering inside your head. I understand the labor pains of giving birth to your bright-eyed, beautiful baby. I will handle your baby with care. Promise.

M. A. Raebel