Reading and writing have always been my favorite things to do. As an assistant editor for a monthly magazine, and then as a copy editor for weekly newspapers, editing also became a passion.

With red pen in hand, I sometimes peruse newspapers and books, hoping to nab the one that got away. And don’t get me started on “the pesky bugs” swarming blogs and websites. I wish I could pluck them right off the screen.

Most of my professional career involved interviewing, reporting, writing, and editing in newsrooms, first in radio and then in print. As a freelance writer, I enjoy talking to people and sharing their stories, or researching topics and crafting articles.

Fiction writing tugged at my heart when I had kids. After hours spent nestling with my children with our noses in a book, stories of my own swirled inside my head. I have written children’s fiction for magazines and ezines. I also have fingers crossed, prayers sent, and rain dances performed for my picture book and middle grade submissions.

Published or not, I love the writing journey. I’ve met some awesome people along the way and look forward to the long writing road ahead.