Writing life: patience is a virtue

Have you ever been stuck in the slowest checkout line in the grocery store? You’re slouched over your cart wondering if you’ll get home before your ice cream melts and the frozen shrimp goes bad. To make matters worse, the guy with the full cart behind you somehow made it through the next line over and is headed for the parking lot!

It might feel like you’re in the slowest checkout line in the writing world, too. Success seems to leap frog over you to shower its blessings on just about everyone else.

It might seem that way, but it’s not true. You’re on your own path, and you can’t compare your journey to anyone else’s. You can, however, do some self-analysis and ask yourself if you’re doing everything you can to move yourself forward.

These are some questions I’ve had to ask myself:

  • Am I writing enough?
  • Am I reading enough in my genre?
  • Am I writing in a bubble? Am I taking constructive critiques seriously?
  • Am I seeking out ways (webinars, articles, workshops, critiques) to help improve my writing?
  • Am I quitting on goals before I barely get started?
  • Am I rushing to submit before my manuscript is ready?
  • Are there other writing opportunities I can explore along with my goal of getting a book published?

Writing is a journey. You do have to set specific goals and map out steps to help you get to your destination. But don’t forget:

  • Sometimes stuff happens that is out of your control. But the things you can control? Focus on those.
  • Be realistic. No, the third time is not always – and possibly never –the charm when it comes to submitting your manuscript. Toughen up for a long haul. There are a lot of stories out there about authors who collected dozens and dozens of rejections before hitting bingo.
  • It’s not a race. It may seem like some writers have had a much shorter wait time to publication than you. It’s just not your time. Focus on getting your story right, not fast.
  • Be supportive and happy for fellow writers who grab a hold of the publishing brass ring. Let them inspire and motivate you. Say to yourself, “See? It is possible.”

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